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Tickets Purchase : RM60, RM30 (for 3 to 5 years old kids). Please fill in the form below to purchase.   
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2020 Melody Hantz Dance Competition, Penang

The competiiton is scheduled on 11 April 2020, Saturday at Auditorium A, Komtar in Penang. All levels are welcomed,all participants are given certificates and trophies/medals. Dance Categories : Salsa, Kpop, Street Dance, Belly Dance.

Dancers may opt to participate in 1 or more types/categories of the dances :
* Salsa (Solo) - all styles of Salsa
* Street Dance (Troupe / Solo) - genres include Locking, Popping, Breaking, Raggae, Hip Hop, Waving & Krumping, Waacking, Jazz, House
* Kpop (Troupe) - cover
* Belly Dance (Troupe / Solo) - all styles of Belly Dance

The entry fees per person is RM50 include a packed lunch regardless of competing in group or solo. Participants have to add on RM10/dance for additional number he/she take part, e. g If a dancer compete in Belly Dance (Solo), Belly Dance (Troupe), Street Dance(Troupe), entry fee is RM50(1st Dance) + RM10(2nd dance) + RM10(3rd dance) so total RM70.
**Min number of participants in troupe is 2 persons, max is 8.
** Salsa - solo category, you may opt to dance in group of 2-4 (using same song) but marking is on individual not troupe.
** If less than 8 participants in a category, we will cancel that category, participants will have to join another category. e.g. there is only 6 children participate in Salsa age 4-6 category, this group will be cancelled and all participants will be joining the Salsa 7-9 category.
** Dance Instructor, assistant dance teacher and dance competition judges are NOT allowed to take part in the competition.
** DO NOT use same choreography to compete in 2 categories, participants will be disqualified immediately without refund.
** Belly Dance Competition is scheduled on part 1, other types of dance competition and performance are scheduled on part 2, further notice will be given in case of any amendment. Detailed timetable will be given later.
** Dance Area : TBA
** Closing Date : 11 March 2020
Music :
Music may on own selection of the dancer, submit to the before 28 March 2020.
*Music length-troupe : 2.0min (min), 3.5min (max)
*Music length-solo: 1.5min (min), 2.5min (max)
Please note that LENGTH of MUSIC will be STRICTLY FOLLOWED.
Age :
There are winners for each of the following categories of certain types of dance, please refer to entry form for details :
Belly Dance and Salsa Categories :
* 3 - 8 years old
* 9 - 12 years old
* 13 - 19 years old
* 20 - 35 years old
* 35 and above
Street Dance :
* under 12
* 13 - 18 years old
* Open (19 and above)
* under 12
* 13 - 18 years old
* Open (19 and above)
Supporting Tickets :
RM60/person with a packed lunch
RM30/child below 5 years old
** Food is NOT available if purchase ticket on the spot, only 1 small bottles of mineral water will be given
** Seating is based on the number on the ticket with 001 - 015 will be on the first row, tickets no.: 191-197 will be at the last row. Therefore, whoever purchase tickets first will be seated at the front row.
** Strictly NO ENTRY for those who don't have tickets or staff tag for security purposes.
To purchase ticket: please make payment to us at :
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Montana Dance & Art Centre
account no. 27600011715
then send us your bank in slip at, we will email you your ticket number and you may collect at the entrance.

2018 Bangkok Salsa Festival

We invite our students to join us to participate in any Salsa events both national and international Salsa Festivals. We also encourage our Salsa beginner students to perform in all Salsa dance events in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand, Singapore and Bangkok.There were 12 students joining our overseas Salsa Dance Trip in 2018 Bangkok Salsa Festival from 1 Nov to 4 Nov. It was such as fun trip with lots of salsa dance learning workshops, dance party, interesting and world's standard dance performance by World's Salsa Champion Karen Y Ricardo.